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Our strenghts

Masterly Manufacturing

Essential to the production of high quality crystal chandeliers is craftsmanship and the passion for craft itself. The knowledge of craft in combination with new achievements in technology contributes to the realization of our unique quality lighting products which can satisfy every kind of desire.

Our quality standards are far above what our competitors offer. You, as our customer, can rest assured to receive only the best. Starting from the design phase we place special emphasis on concepts in which we don’t skimp on the details.

During casting, even fine ornaments are clean in detail. Our castings use a special alloy containing silver, the price of this alloy is three times higher than brass. For bands, hoops, lamp-holder brackets etc. pure brass is used, which then undergoes ennobling.

All electrical cables are silicone-sheathed and designed for continuous temperatures of 180°C. Clamps and lamp holders are made out of ceramic. Electrical problems do not occur even after using the lamps for many years.

The ennobling, be it gold or silver, is well above lighting-industry standards.

All supporting structures within the chandeliers are made entirely of stainless-steel.

Furthermore, we greatly value the use of the highest quality crystal. Wherever possible we use only the finest Swarowski crystals. Shapes which are not offered by Swarowski, are manufactured by us in the highest possible quality.

Many talk about Top-Quality - we have it!


Years of experience is invaluable! We are proud of our years long experience in diverse areas, expertise from which the client profits.


Inventive change is the lifeblood! We constantly seek and find new ways to satisfy your wishes.


We want to realize your ideas! We want to realize your ideas and transform your vision into a satisfying final product!


There are no limits! We are working on new ideas and will find the optimal solution for you.


Professionals are at work! We have specialists in each area. The best people deliver the best work.


Your wishes and ideas are important! We take our time with you to be able to understand how to implement your specific wishes and concerns in the best way.

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